TFG Meets - Ellie from Half Time Cuppa

Hey Ellie! Thanks for taking the time to talk to us. Could you introduce yourself and what you do?

Hiya everyone at This Fan Girl! I’m Ellie and I am one of the content editors over at Half Time Cuppa.


How did you start working at Half Time Cuppa, and what have been your experiences been working within a typically male-heavy industry? 

I started working at HTC when I came across an advert they ran on Twitter. I was a bit scared to put myself forward, to be honest. As you mention football journalism is a typically male-dominated field but I’m glad I did, it’s been a really rewarding experience.

I love my colleagues because I’ve have never felt that I needed to succumb to “ladette” culture; I never pretend to be one of the guys. I feel like I can be a girl, and more to the point myself. 

A big thing I’ve learned from my time at HTC is to not be afraid to ask questions. I’m still learning the ins and outs of football - not only how it’s played but how the business of the game works and the guys are always more than happy to answer any questions or have a healthy debate about things.

Is there anything you’d like to change in the industry?

To quote 80s hair metal band Motley Crue, more GIRLS! GIRLS!GIRLS!  

What has been your route into football - who do you support? Who do you watch the footy with?

My route to football was a simple one; my flatmate in London was from Essex and supported West Ham and I just decided to be a Hammer as well :)  It seemed from then on everyone I met who was into football was a West Ham fan. We even had a rule in our old band no one could join if they didn’t support the club!

I do love watching football with a group but I’m not afraid to go it alone either, depends on the game.

What are your hopes for HTC, What are you working on next?

I’m really proud of our site owner Danny who has a good eye for people; people of all ages and backgrounds work with us and I think my hope is that football fans really come and reap the rewards of that because so many opinions, debates, and great conversations happen at HTC.

We have forums, podcasts, and our original content section which I oversee is also really great place to learn about the game :)

We love your bluffer's guide to football. Why did you start that and what was the objective?

I started it for myself. I properly got into football during Euros 2016 and would ask and interrupt my boyfriend about what was going on and needless to say it got a bit irksome. With the World Cup coming up in 2018, I thought it was a great way for the more casual fan or someone who is into football but doesn’t know what’s going on to get a crash course.

Football is so much more fun to watch when you have half an idea of what’s going on. Knowing the offside rule when you're out on a date with a massive football fan doesn't hurt either. 

Let’s talk West Ham. How are you feeling this season? What needs to happen at the club?

Let’s! I am feeling pretty hopeful about the club’s future.

David Moyes seems to up to the task of getting the team in shape; the recent City game and that win over Chelsea were SO needed for everyone. I actually wore my scarf in public twice and no one booed or offered pity glances.

I think the players need to believe in themselves and I want to see some of our “sellswords” as I call them to start giving a damn about the club they play for!

I also really want to see Andy Carroll do THIS again! COYI!

How can we follow you and what you're up to?

I’m pretty old school when it comes to socials but you can for sure find me over at Half Time Cuppa!