Redefining Football Fashion

Meet Nadia Atique, the fashion student opening up football fashion for all.
Since the World Cup ended, along with our initial campaign about challenging
stereotypes of what a female football fan looks like. We’re carrying on in that vein by
talking to the brilliant Nadia Atique. She’s a massive LFC fan, Muslim and designer
challenging ‘terrace fashion’ with her designs. The 30-year-old student, who decided to
study fashion after she was made redundant from her job as a youth worker, grew up
around the corner from Anfield. And, to be honest, we absolutely love her passion and
her clothing.

Emma: Thank you for talking to us Nadia, you must be so busy at the moment? Tell us more about the project and where it came from? 

Nadia: I decided to base the collection on Liverpool as this year marks my late fathers 10 year
anniversary and watching Liverpool play was always something we did together when I
was younger. As I began my research I realized It would be a great idea to fuse my love for my faith and the game together by creating a modest wear collection, taking inspiration from
Liverpool’s great history. My family originate from Yemen, they migrated over 40years
ago, I was born and raised In Anfield just around the corner from Liverpool FC, so it’s
safe to say LFC has always been a big part of my life growing up. One of many reasons I chose to create a modest, football related collection was to empower Muslim women, modest women, and women, in general, to embrace their love for the game too and also brake down stereotypes. I think what I am trying to do is very important it, not just for Muslim women but all women to follow their passion in whatever that may be, football is a love of mine and I embrace the fact that I am a Muslim woman who wears hijab and loves the game. I hope others can too its time barriers are broken down.


Emma: We totally agree, your work is very important. What’s your opinion on how football is changing to be more inclusive? What would you like to see happen?

Nadia: I believe everything is evolving, women are a lot more involved and included! However I
do think there is still room for improvements In many ways, clubs need to cater to women a lot more in different ways from football shirts and the fittings to how women’s garments are advertised. All this will take time, women in football have come a long way but we're not quite there yet!


Emma: Predictions for your team for the upcoming season?

Nadia: My beloved Liverpool FC are going to smash it this season! Go get it lads, it’s our year
to shine!

Thanks again for taking to us Nadia. We really appreciate it. In challenging the
stereotypes in football fashion you’re empowering more women to feel at home on the


Just FYI anyone out there – Nadia is looking for a job in fashion… So get in touch if you
can help her out. Don’t forget to give her a follow on her social channels too.

Insta: @nadia.atique
Twitter @Narrdz88