Is the Levy dry?

Tottenham Hotspur Season 2017/2018 preview

Words by Emma Townley 

Are the coffers of White Hart Lane empty after forking out all that money for our new stadium?

From Bruce grove to Northumberland Park, we are only talking about one thing: The new White Hart Lane. If early articles are to be believed, it’s going to be the biggest, shiniest, bestest stadium ever (it also has the longest bar in Europe too, so that’s a bonus). Costing a whopping £750 million overall, it kind of needs to be all singing all dancing really. Until then Wembley is our home and even though it’s a bit of a mission to get to from East London – I will be making the pilgrimage to see our lads play.


Tottenham hotspurs x nike - watch us rise

But let’s for a brief moment put the new stadium chatter on ice to digest last season, peek at the upcoming season, to what me and my fellow Spurs fans can hope for. 

Despite not having any silverware to show for our stellar effort in the 16/17 EPL, it does seem like we are building towards greatness and that’s what counts. Fans are buzzing with what could happen this season. We are building a team to match our incredible new stadium, fuelling our growing ambition to qualify for Europa & Champions League. Plus, Poch’s seemingly unquenchable thirst for blooding in talent from the lower ranks. Us Spurs fans have very little to be unhappy with. It’s like we’ve been set on the perpetual right track. It’s a season full of promise, more so than the last two. If I were to compare the last two seasons to a trilogy — it’d be The Lord of the Rings. The 17/18 Premier League season is ‘The Return of the King’ and our king is Harry Kane. 

Let’s (quite rightly) give the man his dues. 78 goals in 116 appearances. Borderline heroic. I personally, am looking forward to jeering some opposing team fans over social media about our ‘one season wonder’ HK. 

And then there’s Dele. 

For crying out loud Dele Alli has it all. The immeasurable talent, the cheeky attitude, the flare and the wave. I think every Spurs fan is so excited to see what he does this season. Under the watchful eye of Poch and alongside his mate Eric Dier it seems like Dele can only go upwards.

We have an incredible team, really.

Mousa Dembélé is probably my favourite Spurs player. I mean, there is no getting past him — it’s like having a brick wall in midfield. He is strong, technically gifted and unlike others that play in his position he pushes forward, creating chance after chance. Poch said he was “in his top five genius players”. And I’m wholly inclined to agree with him. 

From the 16/17 EPL there are three main things we can take away from it:

  • Highest league finish since 1963

  • Biggest points total (86 & +60 GD)

  • Conceded the least goals of all league teams (26)

Personally, the 16/17 season was particularly good because we started off with what seemed like massive hangover from the Euros, but we picked ourselves up and marched on. The Liverpool gamewithout Dembélé and Son being a low point for me, but again we marched on. We hit our stride around October and from then we just looked the business. Not an easy thing to do when all the critics were going at us week in week out for our slow start and ‘lack of cohesion’ and goading Harry Kane about his so called ‘goal drought’. After October, bar a couple of glitches — we looked great.

Let’s talk transfers. As we could do with some (at the time of writing this we’ve just accepted a £50m bid for Kyle Walker). The lack of transfers so far has been a bit frustrating, but let’s keep it positive eh? Levy is, well doing a Levy. We know he is slightly annoying when it comes to transfers but he does get a good deal. Kieron Trippier has just signed a new contract so that’s great news. I really rate the guy, when he’s on form he’s solid — so let’s hope we see a bit more of him this season. I am questioning whether we need someone who can be flexible and take up the mantle of Danny Rose whilst he recovers. Because whereas he doesn’t play every game, you can’t deny the impact he has when he does get on the pitch. Perhaps Cameron Carter Vickers can step up this season whilst Danny recovers, after all Cameron is showing a lot of promise after his well-documented rise through the academy ranks to break into the first team in the summer 2016 preseason campaign. Toby Alderweireld is negotiating his new contract, rumour is he wants to be on the same pay level as Kane and Lloris and we’d be stupid not to give it him (Levy take note).



Got to get this out the way — jog on Man UTD. Eric Dier is not for sale. 

Now, at this point you (if you’re a Spurs fan) you might need to sit down. We all know Spurs are interested in Ross Barkley, I could see him fitting in well at Spurs, and he wants to leave Everton. Here’s the bit you need to sit down for. Not only do Everton want £50mil for him, but should he move to our North London patch — he wants to be paid £150K a week! The same as Kane and Lloris. ROSS. NO. That just isn’t how we do it down here. You earn your stripes. He is going to price himself out of a move that would be good for him if he isn’t careful. 

Need to briefly mention Demarai Gray. I like him. We could throw him in the mix at Spurs… He fits the criteria for a Pochettino signing — young, English and versatile. Someone we could bring in and allow them to level up alongside the likes of Mousa Dembélé and Harry Winks. A move to us would be great for him.

Regrettably that’s probably it for transfer news at the current time… But to be honest, frustrating as it is, I’m not worried. It seems different for us to other teams because it is, we finished the season strongly and we have arguably the best defense and best attack in the league. As a club we have the balance right betweenwanting new players and needing them.

Poch is being patient and stealthy as he and Daniel Levy wait for the whirlwind that has been our title rivals’ transfer stick measuring to die down. Fair enough — I will sit tight. I’m good with us picking up with where we left off last season and dipping into transfers in the more sensible second half of the window. 

So, what does this mean for my hope for the new season? They are high, I’m dreaming big. COYS!