Fan Girl tips for a NEW SEASON

Words by @badfootballfan


People are slowly coming back from their holidays, dusting the sand from the beach off of their clothes, packing up their bags and preparing to return to a slightly modified version of work, as the summer days are still lingering around. The shackles of the day-to-day routine have been cast aside, and people are enjoying the sun and less clothing. But what will kick everything back into gear is the reemergence of football, as the top men’s leagues are starting back up (we’ll be back to the women’s leagues shortly….) First out is the Premier League, with the first fixture on Friday 9th of August, the same day as League 1 kicks back up, followed by Bundesliga on the 16th of August, La Liga on the 19th of August and Serie A on the 24th of August. After a drowsy month of different cups and tours in the East and the Americas, playing games that don’t really matter and using the pitch as a playing ground for the new players that need to start linking up with their teammates (yes, even Tottenham has signed someone this transfer window!), it’s time to get back to the daily grind of league football.

It can be overwhelming when you realise that you’ve been checked out of club football for the past months, especially when all the eyes have been on the extremely exciting Women’s World Cup. But there’s no need to worry, as we’ve compiled a simple list to follow, to have you all prepared and psyched for the upcoming season.


1) Check out that fixture list and make sure to put the match days in the calendar. This is fangirl 101, as you want to make sure that you are creating a schedule in which you can seamlessly integrate the football back into your life, and plan important events around it.

2) Those season tickets are hard to come by, but it can be worth a try to procure tickets for certain games, like a derby or against a good opponent.

3) Not local? No problem! This is your opportunity to plan a road trip with friends, either by car or public transport. No matter if the game is in the neighbouring town or it has you travelling for a few hours, it’s a good excuse to get out of your daily life routines and explore.

4) If you’re not one for travelling, it can be handy to set up a broadcast subscription in order to be able to follow all the action from your own home. In case you find that to be a bit too expensive, you just need to do a scan of your local area to make sure that you know which pub to pop into that will show the games.


5) Don’t have any friends that share the love for your team? This is the time to make friends with other fans, which will really help you to kick up the hype. It will also ensure that you have a shoulder to cry on when the season does not go as planned or that favourite player leaves. One good place to get started is in the This Fan Girl facebook group, where fans from different clubs come together to talk all things football, and it’s easy to arrange meet-ups in real life too.

6) If there’s one thing that can spice up the daily grind, it’s nail art. An easy way to keep you reminded of the team closest to your heart, and every time you look down on your hands you’ll inevitably be psyched!

7) When talking about looks … it’s time to dig out those match shirts again. Maybe you’re like me and tend to rock a football shirt on any given day, but it can still be nice to make it into a little ritual, hanging the shirt up on the wardrobe door and casting a glance at it every so often.

8) If the wait is getting the better of you, you can put some of those cravings to bed by swinging by the library to pick up a book about your club, a specific player you admire or football in general.


9) Join a fantasy Premier League team. Unfortunately only available for the English league, but this will keep you invested in more than just your team though - consider yourself warned. Since you have to pick players from different clubs to represent your fantasy team, you’ll inevitably want them to do well in real-life games in order for you to get points, which might see you cheer for Everton on a Saturday morning.

10) Do you want to be committed but never seem to find the time? Set up push notifications for your team on a football score app to keep up with the team, and if you’re a social media gal you can choose one or two accounts you like that update about the team and turn on individual notifications for them as well. It’s an easy way to make sure that you get all of the vital information needed to keep on top of your team, without taking too much time out of your busy day.

It can be healthy to take a break from football at times and the summer is a good time to get out, maybe play some football of your own in a park or on the beach, and just turn off from everything, as no one needs to know the state of the transfer market at all times. But the closer we come the harder it is to deny - there’s not a lot of feelings that are better than knowing that a new season is lurking around the corner.