Lois O’Hara brings life back to Brighton community sports court...


Amazing project! We stumbled across it on instagram and had to message you. Can you tell us a bit about how the project came about?

The project came about when Project Backboard informed me that something like this, on this scale, hadn’t been done in the UK yet! I knew how much I wanted to paint a court so I worked hard for a whole year to make it happen.

Living and working in Brighton this must’ve been a dream project for you?

Yes, absolutely! It was in one of my top 10 dream projects so I worked hard to make it happen. At first it was hard to get people to understand my vision but I was persistent as always


Do you think that revamping community spaces for sports is important?

Yeah, my main aim was to encourage more play. My work in particular is very fluid and my style is based on the idea of capturing movement so this works perfectly for a community pitch, both the game and my work flow!


Does it encourage more young kids to take up sport or hang out there do you think?

Adding colour and renovating sports courts, makes them safer and more inviting for kids! It is also a fact that childen partake in more physical exercise when running on colour!

Geeky question… Do you know how many gallons of paint it took to paint the court?

I am not sure the exact amount but more than 250L!

Have you been approached to do more run-down courts since this project?

Yes! I am trying to bring the initiative to London so hold tight!

Obvious q, who’s your team? 


What’s next for you?

I am currently working on projects with Boardies apparel, Evermade, Acrylicize and a couple more but in terms of large scale art, there are a few potential projects coming up so I’m grinding every day to make them happen.