This FAn Girl Meetups

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As football fans ourselves we know that often the struggle is real to find a female friend to head to the pub with to watch that all important weekend fixture. And the prospect of wandering into a pub solo, to catch the match, can often be intimidating. As a result we’ve decided to host some TFG meet-ups for our Fan Girl Community.

These meet-ups are not only for the die-hard footie fans out there but also for the footie newbies who want to see what all the fuss is about. So whether football is your mastermind subject or not (we genuinely couldn’t care less if you know the off-side rule or not) and regardless of who your support (it can be one of the big boys in the premier league or just your local ladies 5-a-side) come along for a pint or a pinot and meet some like-minded ladies.